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Go Green with Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning Services in Alta Loma

Alta Loma dry cleaners

Are you one of those individuals who refuse to hire Alta Loma dry cleaners for they use chemicals with carcinogenic and toxic effects? Or are you environmentally concerned that you refuse to use dry cleaning in Alta Loma because of by-products that could further pollute the environment?

 Worry no more because the twenty-first-century cleaning services have found a new and safe way to keep your delicate fabrics and any trim combinations with “dry clean only” tags crisp and clean. Meet the “Green Earth” cleaning process.

Gone are the days when most dry cleaners would use PERC to complete the cleaning process.  It has been found that PERC is neurotoxic and carcinogenic once inhaled or comes in contact with the human body in large quantities.

But PERC isn’t the only product used in dry cleaning in Alta Loma that is harmful to the human body. More often than not, Alta Loma dry cleaners utilize a petrochemical-based solvent called “perchloroethylene,” while others use petroleum. Both products are hazardous to the environment as the risk for soil, air, and water contamination is high. These products also cause the colors of your clothes to fade, change your garment’s shape, and sometimes melt those intricate embellishments.

What is Green Earth dry cleaning process?

In a nutshell, “Green Earth” is by far the best dry cleaning process using an alternative solvent. What makes this cleaning process unique is that instead of using traditional petrochemical solvents, it uses liquid silicone to clean garments.

What is liquid silicone? Is it safe?

Liquid silicone, also known as decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5 for short), is the most widely used alternative solvent to PERC and the vital ingredient of the Green Earth cleaning process. This alternative solvent is odorless, clear, and nontoxic.

Backed by years of independent testing, research, and studies, D5 or liquid silicone has been deemed safe for humans and the environment. It is “virtually identical to traditional petrochemical-based solvents in terms of the ability to remove stains completely,” according to a study conducted by the International Fabricare Institute in 2002.

In fact, it is not regulated by the EPA, CERCLA, OHSA, and RCRA, unlike traditional petrochemical solvents used in dry cleaning. Plus, D5 or liquid silicone is not in California’s Prop 65. For those unfamiliar, this is one of the most rigorous anti-carcinogenic laws in the state.

What are its advantages?

Because D5 or liquid silicone cleaning has low surface tension and is very lightweight, it more effectively penetrates “dry clean only” fabric fibers and then lubricates the dirt away. And since it isn’t damaging to garments, a wide range of fabric and trim combinations from leather, painted fabrics, delicate silks, to couture can be safely cleaned. Plus, it is odorless, so there is no lingering smell of chemicals on your clothes.

Perhaps, it is safe to say that dry cleaning services in Alta Loma adopting the Green Earth cleaning process is your go-to solution. And it is readily available in your nearest Alta Loma dry cleaners. You can easily smell and feel the difference of environmentally safe alternative solvents in your “dry clean only” garments.