Preservation of Wedding Dresses through Dry Cleaning

Have you been thinking of cleaning and preserving the old wedding dress of yours? Search for pick up and delivery dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga that provide specialized services in preserving wedding gowns. They are the right people to approach in such situations.

Once you approach a Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma dry cleaning company, they will send a preservation specialist who will inspect your gown with you for tears, snags, spots, etc.They will also see if there is any ornamentation that will require special care. They will determine the best course of handling for fully restoring and preserving the most important garment of your life.  After the inspection and assessing the amount of efforts involved they will be providing you with a quote for the preservation work. You can easily find pick up and delivery dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga that specialize in this craft.

You also need to enquire a certain things from the dry cleaner. Ask about the process they follow for formal gowns. Just check if your gown will be cleaned by hand individually, or in a group with other dresses and gowns? Proper cleaning of your dress should be a one-to-one process, that is, one specialist for a single dress. Mixing multiple clothes in cleaning can damage the fabric.

Some of the most common stains often dry clear on the fabric, especially those containing salt, sugar, etc. Such stains are not removed in the typical dry cleaning process. Your gown specialist is knowledgeable enough to clean such kind of stains and they have got a dedicated process to remove such stain marks.

Some of the pick up and delivery dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga have got qualified wedding gown cleaners who will provide you with final inspection information before the final stages of the preservation process.

The gown is carefully pressed and beautifully finished to look like a new piece. Then the gown is placed on a bust form to retain shape and the sleeves are stuffed with acid-free tissues. After receipt of your packaged gown, you need to store the package in a dry and cool place.

Dry cleaning really helps in preserving wedding dresses. At Chaffey Cleaners you can find various dry cleaning services, suede cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, curtain cleaning to name a few. Contact us for all your dry cleaning needs.

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