Go Green with Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning Services in Alta Loma

Alta Loma dry cleaners

Are you one of those individuals who refuse to hire Alta Loma dry cleaners for they use chemicals with carcinogenic and toxic effects? Or are you environmentally concerned that you refuse to use dry cleaning in Alta Loma because of by-products that could further pollute the environment?

 Worry no more because the twenty-first-century cleaning services have found a new and safe way to keep your delicate fabrics and any trim combinations with “dry clean only” tags crisp and clean. Meet the “Green Earth” cleaning process.

Gone are the days when most dry cleaners would use PERC to complete the cleaning process.  It has been found that PERC is neurotoxic and carcinogenic once inhaled or comes in contact with the human body in large quantities.

But PERC isn’t the only product used in dry cleaning in Alta Loma that is harmful to the human body. More often than not, Alta Loma dry cleaners utilize a petrochemical-based solvent called “perchloroethylene,” while others use petroleum. Both products are hazardous to the environment as the risk for soil, air, and water contamination is high. These products also cause the colors of your clothes to fade, change your garment’s shape, and sometimes melt those intricate embellishments.

What is Green Earth dry cleaning process?

In a nutshell, “Green Earth” is by far the best dry cleaning process using an alternative solvent. What makes this cleaning process unique is that instead of using traditional petrochemical solvents, it uses liquid silicone to clean garments.

What is liquid silicone? Is it safe?

Liquid silicone, also known as decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5 for short), is the most widely used alternative solvent to PERC and the vital ingredient of the Green Earth cleaning process. This alternative solvent is odorless, clear, and nontoxic.

Backed by years of independent testing, research, and studies, D5 or liquid silicone has been deemed safe for humans and the environment. It is “virtually identical to traditional petrochemical-based solvents in terms of the ability to remove stains completely,” according to a study conducted by the International Fabricare Institute in 2002.

In fact, it is not regulated by the EPA, CERCLA, OHSA, and RCRA, unlike traditional petrochemical solvents used in dry cleaning. Plus, D5 or liquid silicone is not in California’s Prop 65. For those unfamiliar, this is one of the most rigorous anti-carcinogenic laws in the state.

What are its advantages?

Because D5 or liquid silicone cleaning has low surface tension and is very lightweight, it more effectively penetrates “dry clean only” fabric fibers and then lubricates the dirt away. And since it isn’t damaging to garments, a wide range of fabric and trim combinations from leather, painted fabrics, delicate silks, to couture can be safely cleaned. Plus, it is odorless, so there is no lingering smell of chemicals on your clothes.

Perhaps, it is safe to say that dry cleaning services in Alta Loma adopting the Green Earth cleaning process is your go-to solution. And it is readily available in your nearest Alta Loma dry cleaners. You can easily smell and feel the difference of environmentally safe alternative solvents in your “dry clean only” garments.

How to Wash Dry Clean Only Garments at Home

Alta Loma dry cleanersIf you’ve considered using Alta Loma dry cleaners to clean your “dry clean only” garments, you may have also wondered whether you could complete the job yourself.

But there are both pros and cons to consider, and it’s important to make sure you do enough research before starting the task. Here’s how to wash dry clean only garments at home – as well as the risks that may come with doing so.

Firstly consider why you’re looking to do the job yourself.

It’s important to ask yourself why you’re looking to take the DIY approach to dry cleaning. Perhaps you don’t think you have the time to wait for a professional – or maybe you’ve predicted dry cleaning in Alta Loma to be too expensive.

However, you’d be surprised at the fast turnaround times of many Alta Loma dry cleaners, as well as their affordable prices! Take a look around and you’re bound to find a great deal that fits into your budget.

Even after this, if you’re really that set on dry cleaning your own garments – here’s how to do it.

Washing Dry Clean Only Garments at Home

While washing your dry clean only garments at home, here are a few tips that can help:

  • Gather the essentials you need for home dry cleaning. These will usually include a dry cleaning bag, dry cleaning sheets and some stain remover.
  • Assess the state of the garment. If it’s a small mark or stain, it may be easy to remove – however heavily soiled items are best left to the pros.
  • Do a spot test in an inconspicuous area before using the stain remover. That way, you’ll be sure of the outcome.
  • Once the stain has been removed, place the garment in a dry cleaning bag alongside a dry cleaning sheet. This will release a fresh fragrance as well as some moisture to refresh the garment.
  • After a while, simply place the bag in the dryer on a low temperature and let it gently cycle.
  • Then, hang the garment on a hanger to remove any wrinkles.

Are there any downsides?

Yes – there are several downsides to washing these items yourself. If not done properly, you could cause damage to your clothing. For example, if linen is washed incorrectly, it loses its crispness. Similarly, silk can be difficult to clean due to the risk of colour running. Without the right knowledge of dry cleaning, your garment could be ruined.

So while it is, of course, possible to try and wash “dry clean only” garments at home, there’s always a risk of damage from an ineffective or inappropriate cleaning. To keep your garments safe, it’s advisable to let your local Alta Loma dry cleaners take care of the job.

Remember, only a professional will know the best way to take care of any kind of clothing item. They’ll have the best products, the experience, and the skills to give you the best results.

By making the most of the dry cleaning in Alta Loma, you can be certain it will be a job well done – and your clothes would keep looking as good as new for a long time.

Which Clothes Should and Shouldn’t Be Taken to the Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning in Alta Loma

Most of the clothes in your wardrobe have tags that have “dry clean only” written on them but it can be very expensive taking all of them to the dry cleaner. However, the question is, can you wash them at home and not ruin them? Dry cleaning is good if you want your clothes to maintain their shape, be perfectly clean and crisp and that is why most people will choose to take their clothes to the dry cleaners.  There are many places for dry cleaning in Alta Loma where you get cost-efficient and useful services and all you have to do is choose the best.

For clothes that come with a “dry clean only” tag means that you can only wash it at home if you know what you are doing but it is best to take it to the dry cleaners.  At times you will need not to rely on the instructions, but take a look at the fabric from which the item is made of. Some fabrics do get spoiled when they are washed at home. You can get professional advice regarding items which need to be dry cleaned from Alta Loma dry cleaning professionals.

Items that you can take to the dry cleaners include:

  • Formal Suits and office wear, especially if made from wool
  • Items with intricate designs
  • Items with a lining
  • Items with sequins, beads
  • Badly stained or soiled items
  • Delicate synthetics such as rayon which may shrink and lose shape when hand washed.
  • Silk that has running colors and can be tedious cleaning it
  • Wool items as they are sturdy and bulky
  • Linen can be washed at home in cold water, but the problem is if it is washed incorrectly, it may lose its clean finishing and crispness. It is an item that requires thorough ironing.
  • Fabric blends
  • Leather items

Items that you need not take to the dry cleaners include:

  • Cotton items as long as they don’t have linings, beads or hand painting.
  • Cashmere which is a delicate and luxurious fabric can be hand washed with the help of a special detergent.
  • Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, spandex, acetate and polyester which will not shrink when washed.

If you are in doubt whether to wash it or take it to the dry cleaners, it’s best to dry clean it, which is a safer option than ruining it. With professional Alta Loma shirt laundry services, you do not need to take the risk of ruining your items and replacing them again which is an expensive affair. Dry cleaning your shirts and dresses often will help lengthen the lifespan of the fabric fibers. At times it can be a hassle to take all your clothes to the dry cleaners, but this will actually save you time to work on other more important chores and make life much easier. If you’re still not sure about it, give us a call today and we will assist you with all the required information and service.

The Right Time to Dry Clean Your Clothes

dry cleaning in Rancho CucamongaHave a special shirt needing dry cleaning? How about a ceremony requiring you to wear that suit that has been hanging in your closet for who knows how long? Maybe you’re having a guest coming in from out of town, and you want to spruce up your bedding? Or new to the area, in need of a reputable dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga. Whatever your dry cleaning needs are, Chaffey Cleaners can do it.

Located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, here at Chaffey Cleaners, we take pride in our work. With necessary training and expertise on the equipment, we have the ability to accommodate you, our customer.

We have implemented an environmentally friendly process called the Green Earth cleaning. The traditional dry cleaning style is to use detergents which are petroleum based. For some fabrics, dry cleaning generally takes extra time labour wise or could even need to be sent out for not having the right equipment to do the job. This is a costly procedure. The outcome: a higher charge. Not to mention the treatment of the fabric is harsh.

A pure liquid silicone solution is used in the Green Earth cleaning process. It is a much gentler cleaning procedure, and your fabrics will look brand new for longer. The cleaning is a soft process, which keeps the dyes from fading. The liquid silicone used in the process is a safe and natural by-product of sand and does not harm your fabric, unlike harsh chemicals. Therefore with the green earth cleaning system, we guarantee a longer life for your clothing.

Chaffey Cleaners wants you to smell like you. Green Earth cleaning does not leave any type of odor on your clothing. It is a definite plus as well for the environment around us. This procedure eliminates the potential dangers from the chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning. It is also a step ahead in saving our planet and contributing towards a better tomorrow.

Having your clothes or linen dry cleaned does not necessarily have a specific time frame. Many factors come into play. It will change depending upon the person or household. But the outcome is our cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga strive for. Our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. With the use of the Green Earth cleaning system, we can guarantee your satisfaction, while also being a bio-friendly dry cleaner.

So the next time you have a big event coming up, and you cannot remember the last time your dress has been worn. Or your mother in law is coming in for the holidays, and you just know she will complain if you cannot prove clean bedding. We are the right choice for all your needs. Chaffey Cleaners wants to leave a better footprint in Rancho Cucamonga with the help of Green Earth cleaning. Our preferred choice for a better looking you. After all, aren’t you worth it?

Worried About Shirt Laundry in Rancho Cucamonga? Chaffey Cleaners is Here to Help You!

 shirt laundry in Rancho CucamongaSometimes it seems that your home washer and dryer set just can’t keep up with the demands of your day-to-day laundry needs. Laundry is a seemingly endless chore, one that hangs over your head daily and, no matter how much laundry you feel like you do, it still seems to pile up frequently and quickly. You hardly have the time to cleaning your daily wear clothing, such as jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatpants, let alone any of your more expensive items of clothing. This cleaning chore soon starts to pose a problem for you.

Everyone enjoys having their fine garments and formal wear look pristine, beautiful and in the best shape that they can be. That said, many do not enjoy the time it takes to go through the entire process of washing the clothes at the right temperature and drying each piece on the right setting so as not to ruin it. Then, of course, you must iron and press your clothing to keep it looking crisp and sharp until you are ready to wear it. This includes paying special mind to the details of the collars and the cuffs on nice or formal shirts. All of this must be done on your busy schedule to be ready for those nights when you want to go out looking well dressed. Why waste your precious time doing this yourself when you can enjoy the benefits of shirt laundry in Rancho Cucamonga?

By utilizing the shirt laundry and dry cleaning services in Rancho Cucamonga, you are able to free up more of your time to do what you love to do like engaging in hobbies, spending time with your loved ones or catching up on other necessary errands and chores. The shirt laundry services at Chaffey Cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga are efficient and provide fast service, delivering you the meticulous results you want to achieve at home without spending any of the time doing it. Simply drop off your nice dress shirts at the Chaffey Cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga and go about your day as usual.

Chaffey Cleaners specializes in shirt laundry in Rancho Cucamonga and prides themselves on delivering only the most perfectly cleaned and crease-free shirts to their customers. Cuffs, collars, and sleeves are all given the greatest attention so that the next time you have an important business meeting, interview, romantic dinner date or any other event that requires you to dress your best, you can have the confidence of knowing that you will always look the part.

No other laundering service in Rancho Cucamonga can provide such timely service, perfect attention to detail and immaculate results quite like the shirt laundry experts found at Chaffey Cleaners. So the next time you need the best shirt cleaning services or the best Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaning services you know who to leave them with while enjoying going about the rest of your day exactly the way you want to without being tied up with hours of laundry.

10 Things You Need To Know About Dry Cleaning In Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Alta Loma Dry Cleaning

Unfortunately, one of the most time-consuming chores of everyday life is dry cleaning. No wonder there are a whole lot of professional dry cleaning services available to make this task easier for us. At a dry cleaning facility, it is as simple as dropping your clothes at the counter and receiving them a few days later all cleaned and wrapped in protective plastic covers. Here are 10 things you need to know about dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga.

1. Dry Cleaning Is a Science

Dry cleaning is more than just putting clothes into a machine and pushing a button. It is a science that requires the skills of a person who is capable of using the appropriate treatment to remove stains and handling different cleaning techniques. It is recommended to look for Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaners who have evidence of completing some sort of craft training in the business.

2. Dry Cleaners can handle all Types of Fabrics

Dry Cleaners have the skills and expertise to handle different kinds of fabric. Do not expect dry cleaners to treat all your garments the same way. Some fabrics might require extra care while others won’t.

3. They Work in Different Ways

Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaning services are carried out in different ways. Most of these cleaners do not only specialize in just pressing and steaming clothes; they perform regular inspections on items before bagging them.

4. Do not expect miracles

Although dry cleaning Rancho Cucamonga doesn’t take the time to get rid of a grease stain that may require multiple washes from you, there are still some other defects that are harder to remove such as water-based stains (coffee, sweat) and serious body odor.

5. Remove Plastic as quickly as possible

Dry cleaning Rancho Cucamonga commonly allows for the use of plastic bags to protect clothes after cleaning, however, it is good to get rid of them as soon as you get home as they tend to trap humidity, moisture, and odors.

6. Encourage dry cleaners to follow instructions

It is important that dry cleaners as well as consumers follow the stipulated instructions and read all garment care labels. This will help to preserve the quality of the cloth and save it from getting ruined.

7. Going Green

Though it’s not necessarily undeserved, dry cleaning has a bad reputation for being environmentally unfriendly. Dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga use environment-friendly substances for cleaning clothes.

8. Dry cleaners can be Priceless

For most jobs, paying between $7 and $10 is quite reasonable. But if your Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaners respect your clothes, get stains out and can sew an extra button for you if need be then they already are priceless.

9. “Dry Clean only” does not mean Wash any way you like

Before taking your clothes to a Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaning, ensure to check the warning on clothes tags. Note that clothes with “dry clean only” warnings are not meant to be put in the washing machine.

10. Clothes actually get wet

One of the greatest misconceptions about dry cleaning is that they do not get wet. Though water may not necessarily play an important role in the process, liquids play a part in the cleaning process. Clothes are commonly dropped in a bath of a colorless solvent that can dissolve stains.

The Ultimate guide to Dry Cleaning

dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga_image2

We all want to look and feel our absolute best, and because of this, we all want our clothes to look stylish and fashionable at all times. Your clothing can help you to give off the right impression to people, and it can allow you to express yourself and your individuality. When we wish to clean the majority of our clothing, we simply throw them into the washing machine and that’s pretty much it. Some items of clothing, however, need to be dry cleaned, which is where dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga, or anywhere else in your area, can prove to be so beneficial. Here we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide to dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, and the surrounding areas.

What is dry cleaning? – Before we go any further, let’s clean (pardon the pun) up exactly what dry cleaning is. Basically, dry cleaning is a special cleaning process in which a specific solvent is used to get the clothing clean. This solvent is known as DF2000, where it is run through the clothing, before being extracted, along with any other dislodged dirt, dust, oil, etc. This solvent basically does all of the cleanings, meaning that water and soap are not required, which is why the process is known as ‘dry cleaning’.

Know your clothing – Before you gather your items to be taken to your dry cleaners, you should first get to know your clothing so that you know for certain, whether or not the item actually needs to be dry cleaned. You can usually find out this information by looking at the clothing label located on the inside of the garment in question. Suits for example, almost always need to be dry cleaned as opposed to washed with soap and water.

Know how often clothing should be cleaned – Many woolen garments need to be dry cleaned, though there are also various other fabrics that cannot be washed in machines, but in terms of how often clothing needs to be dry cleaned, that’s really down to you. Ideally, however, if you want your items to not only look clean and fresh but to actually remain clean and fresh, you should get them dry cleaned as frequently as you would ordinarily wash your regular clothes.

Know how to select the right dry cleaners – Dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga for example, are very efficient and have very impressive track records and feedback scores with their customers, so it certainly pays to find an effective dry cleaning service. Look for a dry cleaner that is fair and competitive with pricing, find out what their policies are regarding lost/damaged clothing, find out how long they have been in business, find out what type of training procedures and protocols they went through, and find out just how environmentally friendly they are. Generally, the more experienced the company, the better, although don’t be put off by new companies, as we all have to begin somewhere. You may wish to simply give them a trial run with just one garment of clothing that you are not too attached to.

Getting the Job Done With the Help of Alta Loma Dry Cleaning Services

Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process, which is basically used for clothing and textiles. In this process, the technicians use a chemical solvent other than water, in order to make the most out of each drying cleaning session and remove as many stains as possible. When talking about dry cleaning services, an area which pops up somewhere on the top of the list is Alta Loma.

About Alta Loma:

Alta Loma is one of the wealthiest areas of the San Bernardino County, in California USA. Previously known as ‘Lamosa’, Alta Loma is one of those commercial areas, which is densely populated by residential units. The business in Alta Loma has been booming, unlike its real estate market.

However, when it comes to possessing scenic beauties, Alta Loma surpasses many of the areas within California. Alta Loma consists of every single business you would be looking for and when it comes to finding an efficient and cost-effective dry cleaners in Alta Loma, you can easily choose one offering the following benefits:

Benefits of Alta Loma Dry Cleaning Services:

  • Convenient:

One of the main benefits of using Alta Loma dry cleaning services is that it helps people in saving time for your everyday chores. Using professional dry cleaning in Alta Loma is convenient and people can find an easy way to get clean clothes to wear every day.

  • Professionals:

The dry cleaning services provided in Alta Loma are carried out by professionals, who have an expertise in the field of dry cleaning. This helps in getting the best dry cleaning results for your clothing and textiles.

  • Modern Equipment:

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the Alta Loma dry cleaning services can make sure to provide the best treatment to every piece of clothing. Moreover, the modern equipment reduces the chances of wear and tear, as much as possible.

  • Cost-Effective:

One of the most important reasons as to why the Alta Loma dry cleaning services are famous is because they are extremely cost-effective. The pricing criteria are set according to the budget of every single individual, so every person can hire Alta Loma dry cleaning services for their clothing and textiles.

  • Fabric-Friendly Products:

The products used by Alta Loma dry cleaning firms are fabric friendly and can clean all the clothing without fading the colors and stitching of any textile.

Looking for a combination of efficient dry cleaning services at an affordable rate in Alta Loma is not always easy. However, there are certain options which can help you in getting the best dry cleaning services you have ever tried. Chaffeycleaners.com uses a Green Cleaning technology called the Green Earth Dry Cleaning.

This process uses silicon, which is a natural and safe by-product of sand, which happens to save the environment, without costing anything extra. Hence, if you want to get top-notch dry cleaning services in Alta Loma and save the environment at the same time, Chaffey Cleaners is an option worth considering. For more details.

4 benefits of Hiring Alta Loma Shirt Laundry Services

Rancho Cucamonga Alta Loma Dry Cleaning

Have you ever noticed no matter how hard you work, how early you wake up, and how much you try to do, there are simply not enough hours in the day? Whether you work full-time, part-time, raise children, or anything else for that matter, once your main responsibilities have been taken care of you’ll generally find that there isn’t much time left for anything else, and sadly, that includes chores around the home. Keeping a clean, tidy, and efficiently running home is a full-time job in itself, and as far as weekly, actually, daily, chores go, you’ll find that laundry is, by far, the biggest hassle. If you’re sick of wasting your weekends catching up with the week’s laundry, why don’t you consider hiring Alta Loma Shirt laundry services instead? Here’s a look at 4 of the main benefits of hiring a professional laundry service.

They’re incredibly quick and efficient – As you probably know, sorting through your laundry, washing it, drying it, ironing it, and stacking it again is a very slow and tedious process, especially if you have limited space at home. With Alta Loma shirt laundry services however, your laundry will be collected and returned to you in a matter of days, usually just 48 hours. This means that you hand it over to them, go about your life as usual, and then have it returned to you days later, meaning that all you have to do is put it away again.

They’re affordable – Another huge benefit of professional laundry services is the fact that they’re extremely affordable. On average, you can expect to pay less than $25 per week, and that’s for 2 very large loads of laundry, or the equivalent of. When you consider the fact that washing machines, tumble dryers, washing powder, detergent, and fabric conditioners all cost money, plus you use energy by using the machines, that average of $25 per week will actually end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

They make life easier for you – Arguably the biggest benefit associated with Alta Loma Shirt Laundry services however, is the fact that they will make life so much easier for you. Taking care of laundry is not only boring, but very time consuming as well, and it can make life pretty tough. By having experts take care of your laundry for you, your life becomes much easier, you become more productive around the house, plus, you also have more spare time to spend with your friends and family. So, rather than wasting your weekend sorting through never-ending piles of laundry, you can instead spend your weekend the way that a weekend is supposed to be spent.

They do a fantastic job – Another benefit associated with a professional laundry service, is the fact that they do such a fantastic job. They have access to the best cleaning solutions, the best staff, and the best equipment that money can buy, so as you can expect, the results that you see will be astounding.

Dry Cleaning Services by the Experts in Rancho Cucamonga

dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga_image2

Rancho Cucamonga is a suburban city situated near California in the United States of America. One of its neighborhood falls in the top ranks of the list of richest neighborhoods in the state. It is a city of elites. The rich when need their expensive clothes washed, trust no one but the professional dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga.

The dry cleaners in this area know what they are doing. No matter how tough or old a stain is, the cleaners there will get rid of it for you. With utter dedication, they take care of everyone’s clothes, keeping them looking as new as ever, always. No matter how many times a dress is washed by them, it never looks old or worn-out.

Top Dry Cleaners in the Area

Chaffey Cleaners: Use of environment-friendly detergents that work really well for the clothes sets us apart from other dry cleaners in the area. We are equipped with latest dry cleaning techniques to make sure that the most stubborn stains can also be taken off your clothes.

Arlette’s Cleaners: Another well-known dry cleaner in the area. Approaching them for the job means getting your clothes washed and ironed at affordable rates.

Inland Gateway Cleaners and Shirt Laundry: They are known for delivering good dry cleaning services in very little time.

Peppermint Dry Cleaner: With affordable rates and fast service, they have been around in the dry cleaning business for a long time in Rancho Cucamonga. They also offer pick-up and drop-off for your clothes.

Go green

Dry cleaners in the area are well known for using washing solutions that are environment-friendly. The detergents are devoid of all harmful chemicals that may harm your clothes or the environment too. Apart from this, they all make sure that the waste is properly disposed of.

Dry cleaning services

Rancho Cucamonga dry cleaners provide top notch dry cleaning services for almost everything you can think of. Clothes, curtains, bed sheets and leather cleaning as well. They deploy different techniques for the different type of clothes to make them stain free. Their efficient cleaning services make each garment look brand new. Every item is dealt with extra care to make it come out shining as new.


Since they deal with different kinds of clothes, they have different packages set to cater to every individual’s needs. Apart from having a set rate list mentioning the charges for individual pieces of clothing, they also offer packages. These packages, basically, offer a discount if a certain amount is spent on dry cleaning. A great incentive to make everyone bring all kinds of expensive clothes to them for dry cleaning.

Stains on your new expensive clothes may worry you but if in Rancho Cucamonga, then you need not stress over it. The efficient dry cleaners there will dry clean all your clothes to perfection at affordable rates on time.